Werewolf: the Forsaken 2nd edition – Paris: City of Light

As alluded to before, we’ve been playing the new edition of Werewolf: the Forsaken as a “break game”. However, until now we’ve not been allowed to share a great deal because the game wasn’t yet released. At long last, 2nd edition has been released (you can buy the PDF version of the game here). Our main GM, Chris, was one of the developers, so you can see the fruits of his labours for yourself.

Now that it is the NDA has dropped, and we can share more details of what we’re up to. That means the game wiki is now able to feature mechanical information (such as the character sheets of the PCs) and we can podcast our sessions. Watch this space, they’ll be updating on the feed soon.

The PCs are a pack called The Bronze Guard, who’s territory is in Montreuil, a suburb to the east of Paris. They are based out of an old railyard/junkyard which is now a sculptor’s studio owned by one of the PCs. They “inherited” it from a wolf cult they’d banded together to drive out, adopting some of the surviving members into their pack. The prize is a locus on the site of a defunct bronze foundry, in which lives a spirit of industry, the pack’s totem, Zabasimuthari the Enduring Smith of Bronze.

The game begins not long after that violent beginning, with the new pack having to establish themselves and carve out their hunting grounds.


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