All Change!

For those who are familiar with the pattern of our Thursday games, we have a “main game” and “break games”. The main game is one we come back to time and again, and will run long. WFRP2e was our first one, now it’s Acrozatarim. We wrapped up a major story arc in Episode 22 of that game, and decided it was time for a break. What that means is doing something different to recharge the batteries, cleanse the palate and otherwise change things up.

Our next game, coming hot on the heels of the (NDA-shrouded) playtesting, is Werewolf: the Forsaken 2nd edition. Chris is one of the writers and is keen to run a game of the final version while it’s all fresh. It’s not released yet, so we may have to delay the podcasts of the sessions until the game is released.

The rough outline of the premise is modern-day Paris, a new pack of the Forsaken getting enmeshed in all that’s happening in the City of Light. There are three Uratha (werewolf) PCs and one Wolf-Blooded PC, along with a stable of NPCs filling out the rest of the pack. We have a new wiki (which is significantly under construction) to support the game, you’ll see more there as we get underway.


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