We’re still here!

Our regular listeners might have noted that things have been quiet on here. Just to reassure you, we haven’t gone away anywhere, nor have we stopped playing. Things have been a little chaotic lately, plus there’s been something of a summer break as well, but we have still been playing and recording.

We’re up to Episode 17 of Acrozatarim, with the files awaiting summaries so they can be posted up here, so once that happens there’ll be a glut of listening for those waiting.

We’re also three sessions into The Library, which is accelerating towards a conclusion of the introductory scenario, which will be posted up here eventually.

There’s also been some playtesting which unfortunately can’t be broadcast, due to NDAs.

Our next game, once we reach a natural break-point in Acrozatarim, will be a return to Mass Effect: Transcendence. For the most part the underlying Mass: the Effecting system will be unchanged, since it trialled a number of the God Machine Chronicle updates to the nWoD engine, but we will be revising the way XP works.

Bear with us, we should be back on an even keel with regular updates soon.


2 Responses to “We’re still here!”

  1. Glad to hear you are still up and running, and looking forward to hearing your next sessions.

  2. farisalfarik Says:

    We go on and continue to play, but the podcasts have been delayed again. Rest assured they are being recorded and will eventually make their way back here, it’s just taking time.

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