13th Age – Acrozatarim – Episode 10 – Part 2

Embers flare into life as the Seventh Flame blazes with power.

13th Age – Acrozatarim – Episode 10 – Part 2

Cast – Chris (GM), Agena (Bikwaphi), Arran (Pethio), Damian (Iskander), Phil (Vallin) and Laura (Lilwen)


2 Responses to “13th Age – Acrozatarim – Episode 10 – Part 2”

  1. I have been a listener for quite a while and have thoroughly enjoyed all the podcasts up to date. But, I was wondering if I could request an actual play of Mage the awakening in a modern setting, I completely understand why you stopped the last mage game. I have always wanted to play in a higher level mage game like where the players start out as adepts with Gnosis 5 and above. Thank you for this podcast and I cannot wait for the nevt episode.

    • farisalfarik Says:

      Speaking only for myself as one of the players, modern Mage doesn’t appeal to me at all. My interest in real-world settings ends with the Information Age; the latest I’d be prepared to go is the early 1970s, before computers became a thing. I must also admit to being rather ambivalent about the World of Darkness in general. Indeed, the historical setting of The Unforgiving was pretty much the entire draw for me; I didn’t even play a Mage, but a Proximus.

      We’ll be back soon, Episode 11 is just waiting for it’s summary, we’re playing Episode 12 tonight, and there’s still a backlog of our other games which haven’t been put up yet.

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