Tyche’s Favourites – Episode 4 – Part 2

The house of Menesthios is under attack! Hurrying into the fray, the mercenaries find themselves pitted against well-equipped and professional opposition. Not only that, sounds of fighting elsewhere in the house suggest their employer and his family are in grave danger. Fighting across the main courtyard, they come to the aid of Menesthios’ family, only to find their enemy prevails. The outcome brings grim tidings and oaths to seek revenge against whomever orchestrated the outrage. It has not even been a day in Massalia and already they are mired in a web of intrigue.

Tyche’s Favourites – Episode 4 – Part 2

Cast – Damian (GM), Agena (Rhyanidd), Arran (Meshullum), Chris (Septimus), Phil (Philipos)


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