Tyche’s Favourites – Episode 2 – Part 2

After oaths of secrecy are sworn, negotiations with Apollodoros, Menesthios’ son and envoy, begin in earnest and agreement is struck. Deals are made both for the benefit of Massalia and for Menesthios himself. An ominous warning comes in a dream and a more earthly warning is offered about the lands ahead. A short trip finds them in Antipolis, where a counter-offer is made which will have far-reaching consequences, as a Carthaginian senator shows his hand. Everyone is vigiliant, armed and armoured on leaving that village for the territory of the Oxubii.

Tyche’s Favourites

Cast – Damian (GM), Agena (Rhyanidd), Arran (Meshullum), Chris (Septimus), Phil (Philipos)


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