Come and discuss Tyche’s Favourites on RPGnet!

Greetings listeners!

I know from the site-monitoring stats that many people have already either found their way to our Actual Play thread on RPGnet, or else are finding their way here from there.

But for the sake of those who might not have, I just wanted to draw attention to it. It’s a great place to talk about anything you see here, on the wiki, or hear in the podcasts. I’m trying to keep this channel primarily for the podcasts themselves, so you’ll get much more by way of commentary from me there. We don’t bite, and all the players post there (with varying frequency) if you want to get their perspective on anything. Come on down.

In the interests of full disclosure, I do also post on the official Autarch forum (which has a companion AP thread),  Giants in the Playground, the RPGsite, UKRoleplayers and Europa Barbarorum’s forum, if you happen to be registered on any of those already, but the focus for discussion is mostly on the one above.

We also had Episode 2 last night, so watch this space for your regular audio-hit.

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