Tyche’s Favourites – Episode 1 – Part 2

Tyche’s Favourites

Having parted on good terms with Bolgios (and Rhyanidd making formal ties of guest friendship) and with a trio of Keltoi traders in tow, the column leaves the lands of the Insubri and attracts attention from a small bandit party. The journey proves eventful with bandits, rumours of warring tribes on the road ahead, accidents and hazardous river crossings. There is also time for hunting, competition and feasting. They haven’t arrived at their destination, but already there are ominous speculations about the local political situation and just what their erstwhile employer intends to do with them.

Tyche’s Favourites

Cast – Damian (GM), Agena (Rhyanidd), Arran (Meshullum), Chris (Septimus), Phil (Philipos)


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