Tyche’s Favourites – Episode 1 – Part 1

Tyche’s Favourites

It is 300BC, shortly after the Battle of Ipsus and the bowl of the world is once again in turmoil as the players in the great game to control Megas Alexandros’ empire change positions. A band of mercenaries and their retinues have been engaged by the Latin agent Septimus, on behalf of a Massilioi aristocrat to present themselves at that settlement. Travelling land and sea, they make their way from Asia, westwards across Macedonia and Greece, northwest along the Illyrian coast and turning west once more into northern Italia. We pick up the story on the final leg of a journey to Massalia, somewhere in the lower valley of the Padus river. The party arrive at the hall of a local Insubri chief, Bolgios, where they are invited as guests of honour to a feast.

Tyche’s Favourites

Cast – Damian (GM), Agena (Rhyanidd), Arran (Meshullum), Chris (Septimus), Phil (Philipos)

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