Mage the Awakening – The Unforgiving – Episode 4 – Part 2

The Unforgiving

In which the Hermium Beacon set about on the hunt for the strange, Fate-bound fungus that has broken free from Haskallah’s careful captivity; Caprice practices her Scrying as the Cabal close in on their target; and the Beacon must make a heavy choice when they find out the truth of what the fungus is, and what it does.

The Unforgiving – Episode 4 – Part 2

Cast – Chris (GM), Agena (Coruscant), Arran (Mason), Damian (Jacob), Kerstin (Caprice), Phil (Loquitor)



6 Responses to “Mage the Awakening – The Unforgiving – Episode 4 – Part 2”

  1. SauerSmooth Says:

    Hey guys, it’s been nice listening to your plays and roles. Finishing Episode 2 right now. It reminds me of how I liked the 2 seasons of Dresden — City on the river.
    Is there any chance we could learn a little bit more about the background of the characters ? Like their awakening for instance. If you did present it in the podcast, well, would you be so kind to point me to it ? I must say there are time were the accents of your side of the channel challenge my ears.
    Anyway, it’s been great listening to you. Wish you the best

    • Check out the wiki for the game! Originally it was tagged in The Unforgiving title, but I’ve now put a separate link under Blog Roll. Most of the background fluff, along with any rules changes that we have made are listed their as well, it also includes fairly up-to date character sheets as well.

  2. farisalfarik Says:

    I don’t think anyone has committed details of their Awakenings to paper/wiki yet. We’ve had vague hints of it for some characters, but nothing firm.

  3. So since this was made before the confirmation that the body found months ago in Leicester is Richard III was that a massive coincidence?

    Also did anyone else think in the cabal name discussion “be a beacon” from Sneakers? and if you haven’t seen it I recommend it.

  4. Oh I see, thanks a lot.
    Don’t know how I missed that.

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