Mass the Effecting – Transcendence – Episode 15 – Part 2

Penumbra Securities

As if dealing with the local fauna and Kassa Fabrication’s machinations wasn’t enough, Yghorl’s hunch turns out to be right – something is at work aboard the Scalpel.  Down on the wintry planet surface, the ground team prepare themselves for an expedition to the Sarruka dig site, hoping to find proper answers to the strange conundrum of the Sovereign-class Geth vessel.  And everything that is going on is slowly dragging Penumbra towards certain inescapable conclusions…
Transcendence – Episode 15 – Part 2

Cast – Chris (GM), Agena (Kirroe), Arran (Yghorl), Damian (Russell), Kerstin (Samantha), Phil (Kane)


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