Mass the Effecting – Transcendence – Episode 10 – Part 1

Penumbra Securities

With the Sinecure situation safely behind them, it’s time for Penumbra to relax, enjoy some rest and recreation, then hunt out work that’s a little less exciting.  But things aren’t going to stay that way for long; now the team are on ‘The List’, and they’re about to be given an offer of a contract that will be hard to refuse – one that will put them on the trail of a myth, and of a conspiracy of merciless killers.
Transcendence – Episode 10 – Part 1

Cast – Chris (GM), Agena (Kirroe), Arran (Yghorl), Damian (Russell), Kerstin (Samantha), Phil (Kane)



3 Responses to “Mass the Effecting – Transcendence – Episode 10 – Part 1”

  1. Darkfire14 Says:

    Have you considered using “Mook” rules for general rank and file thugs you might face? I actually wrote out rules for Mooks in a post on the White Wolf Website. Might be good to incorporate in your game to allow beefier battles with more enemies. Here is the link:

    • No, Chris our GM has decided to run combats with the normal health rules, but it has been a topic the group has discussed before.

    • farisalfarik Says:

      Indeed, we had a discussion as a group about it, and it was felt that reducing certain opponents to mooks would be contrary to certain genre conventions (and we’re not playing Shepards).

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