Golko Wants You Dead!

Golko Wants You Dead – Actual Play thread on RPGnet

A blast from the past, this actually took place on New Years’ Eve 2009. It was a one-shot of Star Wars using Wushu and pregen characters for speed of getting to play. It’s set on Coruscant during the Mandalorian Wars in the Knights of the Old Republic era.

The PCs have all angered a powerful Exchange crimelord who now wants them dead. It’s up to the players to tell us why, at the start, Golko wants them dead. Then the first scene starts when the quickest band of hired killers find the PCs, and it goes from there.

Golko Wants You Dead

Cast – Damian (GM), Agena (Voshka Maar), Alli (Adi Bultar), Chris (Sem Chumbo), Dave (“Sebulbo”)


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