Mass the Effecting – Transcendence – Episode 7 – Part 2

Penumbra Securities

After encountering the intimidating Weyrloc Hawak and discovering the role of Dr. Kale Amegrion in events, the team finally have a chance to find and rescue Hannah Kerensky.  But the other factions are circling like sharks, and Hannah herself may not be so willing to leave just yet…

Transcendence – Episode 7 – Part 2

Cast – Chris (GM), Agena (Kirroe), Arran (Yghorl), Damian (Russell), Kerstin (Samantha), Phil (Kane)



9 Responses to “Mass the Effecting – Transcendence – Episode 7 – Part 2”

  1. Thanks guys, I listen to these things when at work doing paper work or Folding Towels (god that is boring), I’ve also run a couple sessions for my group using your setup as a basis.

    Except my group is a Mercenary team from the Terminus Systems and based on Omega and lacks a firm moral compass. I ran your first mission the other day (our 3rd mission) and my mercs ended up selling out the Panopticon Project, shooting the lead scientist because he saw the data and using a virus to wipe out the mainframe stores.

    They also took on a terrorist bombing of a Government Building before running guns to some rebels and hijacking a medical supply shipment to the destitute colony – shooting down the cargo ship’s fighter escort and forcing the crew to board escape pods, which they also shot.

    All in all, my group is shaping up to be the dark underworld version of Penumbra – known as the Once and Future Kings (just Kings for short) with their Black and Gold armor.

    • farisalfarik Says:

      Awesome to hear other people having as much fun as we are with this. Also interesting that you’re using some of our exploits as inspiration for your own games. There’s certainly plenty of material here, that’s for sure.

      What did your crew make of the League of One opposition in the Panopticon job?

      • They were rather uninterested in the affiliation of the Infiltrator, who they also captured (though almost too late – he made it inside the main facility and was uploading a virus to wipe out the data stacks before they caught up to him). When he patched them through to his boss – who offered them some (rather paltry) cash to finish the job and kill the lead scientist, they accepted. Let the Infiltrator go, and hoped to complete the mission with only one scientist down.

  2. farisalfarik Says:

    I do hope leaving themselves as an unwitting loose end for the League of One is going to come back and bite them later.

    • I’m of two minds on that matter myself. On the one hand, yes they’ve been encountered by the League (but were utterly oblivious and uncaring to the reasons why) and are thus a loose end. But on the other hand, they took out two Batarian merc squads and proved to have the right level of moral fortitude when credits got involved – a mix of skill (or luck) and the willingness to do terrible deeds that the League might want to exploit.

  3. Sadly, it is not. I used to write up our sessions but stopped after I realized that nobody was reading it. As for podcasts, that would be painful – we have a LOT of interruptions

  4. Dwarfrage Says:

    I just wanted to drop a line and say “thanks”; I started listening to these at work, and managed to 1) make me want to get back into the video games (which I burnt out on) and 2) game in this world.

    • farisalfarik Says:

      Glad someone else besides me is enjoying them! We’re having a lot of fun with it, be interesting to see just how far we diverge from the games’ plots as we go.

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