Mass the Effecting – Transcendence – Episode 6 – Part 2

Penumbra Securities

Penumbra set to work on the stark, beautiful planet of Sinecure, attempting to track down the last known whereabouts of their target, Dr. Hannah Kerensky.  The waters are muddied as the team realise there are quite a number of interested parties, and the only certainty seems to be Kerensky’s disappearance.

Transcendence – Episode 6 – Part 2

Cast – Chris (GM), Agena (Kirroe), Arran (Yghorl), Damian (Russell), Kerstin (Samantha), Phil (Kane)


3 Responses to “Mass the Effecting – Transcendence – Episode 6 – Part 2”

  1. Crap, I had no idea two more episodes were up.

  2. So, I’m ashamed at how frequently I was here checking to see when the next episode is up. I guess you guys will have to start playing 3-4 times a week to sate my hunger for your podcasts.

    • Next episode will be up soon, next week we will be taking a short break from Mass Effect as one of the players will be away for couple of weeks, so instead we will be playing 4th ED D&D set in Icewind Dale while they are away. Also there tentative plans at the moment for another game weekly game to be added to the roster in the coming months, watch this space!

      Thanks for the enthusiasm!


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