Die Another Day – Episode 1 – Part 2

Die Another Day

After the brutal assault on J.B, the group discover a connection between the attacks and the owner of Clifton Books, Harry Ling. And what did happen in Egypt?

During the recording of the this second part of the episode the group was involved in an indepth discussion of rules, stemming from the fight between J.B. and the Spectres. I was able to record most of the discussion and have included it as part of the podcast, for those who wish to skip ahead the game resumes at 13:36.

Die another Day – Episode 1 – Part 2

Cast – Arran (GM), Agena (Oriana), Chris (Richard), Damian (Faris), Kerstin (J.B) and Phil (Oliver)

Title Music – Unfinished Sympathy, Massive Attack, Blue Lines, Virgin Records, 1991

3 Responses to “Die Another Day – Episode 1 – Part 2”

  1. Hey again. Interesting discussion you had in episode 2. I think one of the problems you have is that your GM maybe doesn’t compell enough.

    For the situation with J.B. you could have started with a scene compell of Freelance Security Consultant and have her check out a neighborhood for her client. It just happens that this is a dangerous neighborhood. You could than have compeled her Chosen of the Dolydd Dwr Aspect to ask her wether she wants to fight them like her patron would want (fatepoint) or run away (costing a fatepoint).

    You could also have had compelled Faris high concept to make him stuck in customs while Oliver get’s to J.B. on time. Without the compel Faris could have been with him.

    From what i have seen there aren’t enough compels in your session for my taste. It is great that some player compel themselves willingly but it is also a JOB of the GM. I think it is even written in the book that it’s your obligation.
    In this episode we had like 1 hour without a compel, 15 minutes without one should be a limit.

    This is different from traditional RPGs i know that but it is the strengh of the system.

    For you players, try to shake the story and the flow up with Fatepoint delcarations like “i find this guys lare” or “my contacts tip me off that there have been cultist seen at this and this place”
    Try to really use the tools the system gives you and not just the bites your GM throws you.

    It is still a really entertaining podcast and i really much enjoy it. The fact that Orriana uses a bow is just added awesome.

    • You are absolutely right mate.

      At the end of last session I wrote down in my notebook “MORE COMPELS!”.

      Especially with the Dresden Files system when you have characters start with such low fate pool, you as GM have to really try and find ways to compel all of your players as much as possible. The more you do so, the more likely the players themselves will start to self compel.

      The group is new to the system and while some of us have played Fate before, that was several years ago with SoTC where characters have more fate points and thus need less compels. I do have a cheat sheet with everybody aspects on it and I have made a similar one for the players with both characters aspects, but with all of the city themes, threats, locations and faces on it as well. Hopefully this week we will all be a little more prepared and less rusty as we as were for this episode.

      Thanks for the comment.

  2. Another awesome episode

    The system takes a little brain twisting to get used too, its a completely different way of gaming than the vets of gaming have cut their teeth on. So it will take time to get from the “Know how” stage to the “actively exploiting” stage.

    As a GM i try to start each session with compel, then as the night goes on i introduce situations where the characters could compel themselves as a test of sorts.

    Always listening in,


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