Know Your Enemy – Episode 1 – Part 2

Know Your Enemy

Wherein the players come face to face with the rogue Warden Saxon Bamfylde and learn that situation may already be spiraling out of control.

Know Your Enemy – Episode 1 – Part 2

I’m trying something new with this next podcast. After consulting with some of my players and a few other gaming friends of mine, it has suggested to me that I might want to try a less compressive editing process. It takes me roughly 8 hours of editing for a 3:30 hour recording, and while I have the time for this at the moment, if my real life situation changes I may have problems regularly updating the site if keep to the same editing methods. So this podcast has had very little overall editing done to it, and is as the session happened. I would like people to give their opinions on how the podcast sounds, how noticeable the lack of editing is and whether or not podcast is easy to listen to. Please leave comment here or on the or Dresden Files forum threads.

Cast – Arran (GM), Agena (Oriana), Chris (Richard), Damian (Faris), Kerstin (J.B) and Phil (Oliver)

Title Music – Unfinished Sympathy, Massive Attack, Blue Lines, Virgin Records, 1991


2 Responses to “Know Your Enemy – Episode 1 – Part 2”

  1. We have our first Thaumaturgy at around 20′ in to this part. Apologies if it sounds a bit jargony, it was the first time we’d used the rules in anger.

  2. Askani'son Says:

    Great to listen to you guys. I’m running my own DF game shortly – based in Belfast, N.Ireland, and so it’s great to get a insight. Great players, great GM and a good laugh. My only bugbear is that the audio can be really hard to hear sometimes (maybe this’ll improve in later eps) and it’s a little frustrating! Great job guys, thanks for letting us listen in!

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