Hello and Welcome!

After months of planning, cajoling my fellow players, followed by threats of violence and bloody retribution, I am pleased to announce our rpg group has finally begun… The Dresden Files City on the River. Some of you might recognise some of the players from WFRP “Shadow of the Sun”, Mage: The Awakening “The Soul Cage” and Eclipse Phase “The Alpha Team”, so for many of this is not the first rpg that we have been involved with that has been turned into an actual play thread. This is however this time that we have attempted an Actual Play Podcast before, but hopefully people will find them as interesting and entertaining as the other games that we been involved with.

The first podcast is City and Character generation, for those not familiar with the Dresden Files RPG it uses the fate system and as part of the initial phase, the group gets together to create the City that will acts as the backdrop for the game. The city that we have chosen is our home city of Bristol, in the South-West of England. Not that every story will be set in Bristol, some will be in other areas of the South-West and some won’t be taking place in England at all, but Bristol will be the home of the player characters.

One thing that I should note that at the end of the first session the group decided that they wanted a second City and Character Creation session, rather trying to do everything via email, we decided that discussing this it person would be better. So the first actual story will be another week or two away, and while I know that character creation won’t be as exciting as an actual story, maybe some of your will find this discussions we have had (and will have) to be interesting.

I hope that you will enjoy the Podcast and I would love to hear any feedback from the listeners about the Podcast.

One Response to “Welcome!”

  1. Something I’m definitely looking forward to is the way that the Nevernever gives you access to the entire world without ever setting foot in an airport. Along with old-school “random encounters” which are always a possibility along the way.

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